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Dear Yuletide Author,


Thank you so much for writing for me! I can’t wait to see what you come up with for my gift.

DNWs (Do Not Wants):


-Non-canonical major character death (although you can draw inspiration from other Death Note canons when it comes to L, if you're writing a canon divergent AU)

-Crossovers unless requested otherwise


-Fic that is completely PWP

-Non-requested mundane AU settings/jobs/etc. (coffeeshop AU, high school AU)

-First or second person POV (you can use first person POV for The Disaster Artist fic, if it’s Greg’s POV; to be honest, I don’t want Wiseau first person POV since the grammar will understandably be rather broken/mangled and that’s kind of unreadable)

-Rule 63/genderswap

-Issuefic unless requested otherwise
-Trump. Please no Trump.

Death Note (2017)


Characters: L


I enjoyed Keith Stanfield’s L and I’d love to see fic focusing on him.  I like how Netflix!L has more overly emotional moments compared to original flavor!L, like his anger and concern over Watari. How was L’s childhood at that shady orphanage like? How about his work as a detective before the Kira case?


If you didn’t like the movie, I’m cool with fix-it fic. American Death Note had a lot of potential to explore the messed up American justice system but it failed to address that (despite casting black L…). If that’s something that you think you’re capable or comfortable writing, go for it. If not, I’m also content with cute slice-of-life fic about L and candy - seriously, anything about L is all good.


If you’re familiar with the manga/anime, Mello and Near are my favorites, and I’d be up for kidfic where L rescues/has rescued one of them or both of them from another freaky orphanage experiment and mentors them. Maybe he can figure out that Death Note page with them and mourn Watari with them.

DNW: Please don't focus on Netflix!Light, because I dislike the movie’s take on him, especially when it comes to portraying him in a sympathetic way.

The Disaster Artist


Characters: Greg Sestero, Tommy Wiseau


Greg and Wiseau had a seriously weird friendship. In some ways, it was oddly touching: Wiseau encouraging Greg with his career; Wiseau being inspired by their friendship so he put details of it in The Room. In other ways, it was creepy: Wiseau wanted to vicariously live through Greg’s acting career but he was obviously jealous; that Mr. Ripley comparison; Wiseau recording his phone conversations with Greg; and Wiseau bringing home a young hot guy to show Greg that he was replaceable. And, basically, I want fic of that: that hella sketchy friendship.

I like how there were elements of bizarre humor because of Wiseau’s awkwardness and terribleness. You can write fic about more of Greg and Wiseau’s road trip shenanigans, James Dean-themed or otherwise! Or more lolzy stuff about Greg and Wiseau re-enacting famous movies scenes for acting class and failing terribly (like, Titanic scenes or something).


Yes, I’m cool with shipfic of any rating. Greg’s mother telling Wiseau to not fuck her son was amazing. You can describe Wiseau to look like James Franco, if that makes it easier for you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

For a potential prompt, Wiseau and Greg are doing another movie together. I’d be interested in a reunion fic, like them meeting up to discuss that script but also confronting how they feel about working together again, years later after The Room. Is Wiseau bitter about the book (‘Greg book only 40 percent true’ (

x), although he’s said that he likes the movie)? Are they still technically friends?

Crack prompt: Superhero AU. Tommy Wiseau is a mysterious wealthy businessman who wants to be a superhero in a city that’s chock-full of big-name superheroes. He decides to stage a crime so he can save the day (a bank robbery? The kidnapping of ‘Denny’? etc.). To assist his scheme, he ropes in his friend Greg, an aspiring superhero who’s been stuck being a sidekick. Obviously, everything goes wrong.

Another crack prompt: Wiseau’s obsession with youth drives him to seek out myths of immortality. Vampires. Mermaids. The Philosopher’s Stone. Take this in whatever direction you want.

I’m planning on watching The Disaster Artist movie. I’ll update my letter with further thoughts about it; you can regard or disregard them for the fic you’re writing, but that’s up to you. I think I’ll like the movie and I’m 100% fine with receiving movie-based fic!

Fyra år till | Four More Years

Characters: David, Martin

[btw, since this movie can be hard to find:

here you go]


This movie about Swedish politicians from opposing parties falling in love will always be one of my favorites.


How about fic about the aftermath of the movie, both of them coming out as a couple? What’s the media and public reaction to it and how do they adjust? Or: Martin never did get to properly explain to David that he wasn’t cheating on him; it would be neat to read a proper resolution to that.


Or just anything that’s sweet/domestic/funny in nature. I’ll take fluffy marriage fic. Or cute kidfic about David and Martin babysitting Fia’s kid. On the more indulgent side, I’d be interested in a tropey soulbond AU, soulmarks or otherwise. I’m not picky; I’m sure I’ll love anything you write about those two!

Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry  - J.K. Rowling

Characters: Gormlaith Gaunt, Rionach Steward

[The story is over here.]


I’m requesting Gormlaith and Rionach because they’re both Parselmouths and I think there’s cool things that can be explored about the Slytherin legacy, outside of Voldemort and Delphi!


For fic with both of them, I would be interested in a canon divergent AU where Gormlaith tries to corrupt Rionach. Maybe she succeeds kidnapping Rionach as a baby and tries to raise her like she raised Isolt. Or maybe she attempts to corrupt her when Rionach is older, while Rionach is a student/teacher at Ilvermorny - she can be still be alive, or exist as some ghostly form or portrait, it’s up to you. If you want to go to the messed up intergenerational femslash incest place, go for it (if it's underage, I'd prefer for Rionach to be 16+; dubcon/noncon is fine).


You don't have to write fic with both Rionach and Gormlaith - for fic with just Rionach, I would love fic focusing on her complicated feelings being a Parselmouth. How is it like growing up, hearing stories of Gormlaith? She might feel like an outsider, but her sister is a Squib - do they bond over feeling that way, or do they have a rough relationship? What’s her relationship with her mother like? How is it like when she interacts with students while she teaches at Ilvermorny? (Like, fic where she mentors an Obscurial kid and relates it back to her being a Parselmouth.)

Or I’d love to read fic about Rionach interacting with the Horned Serpent or snakes in general. Or fic about her and that tree with healing properties that formed from Slytherin’s wand, maybe even her trying to restore the wand. Or her visiting Ireland to learn more about her heritage....


For fic with just Gormlaith, I want to read how she’s an evil, ambitious witch! Dark magic adventures and traditions, Slytherin artifacts and ideology, her isolated home in Hag’s Glen. She attended Hogwarts herself, even though she refused to allow Isolt to go - how was that like, especially in regard to her relationship with her sister? What if William hadn’t defeated her and she continued to terrorize Ilvermorny or ended up taking over the school herself?

Good luck writing! I really appreciate it!


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