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Dear Dominion Exchange Writer,

Hi there! I’m kyrilu on tumblr - feel free to send any anon asks if you need clarification on anything. You don’t need to write for any of the specific prompts I include (totally optional); they’re just there to provide some ideas. :D

My overall DNWs (do not wants) are: underage, noncon (dubcon is mostly fine), pregnancy, a/b/o, AUs (canon AUs are fine, but not AUs like coffeeshop or high school), body fluids, anything overly schmoopy/domestic, fics that are completely PWPs, crossovers (I’m fine with Legion being included/referenced, though), songfics, genderswap, character bashing (for example: yes, I ship Alex/Noma but I still like Claire and I don’t want her being bashed for ‘being in the way’), non-canonical character death, and issuefic that’s unrelated to Dominion as a canon (so, references to Vega’s V-status class struggles or the angel hierarchy grating on lower angels is fine with me, for instance).

I have a huge love dramatic irony, especially if it's of the 'character X is self-loathing and/or has self-worth issues for reasons and attempts to hide it from character Y' variety.


My general likes for them are: loyalty, action/adventure, angst, snark, conflict/tension (such as over their views on humans and/or Alex), references to their mindbond, gloriously angsty metaphors (around light, darkness, Gabriel as a heart, Michael as a sword/flood), wing kink, pining (especially if it’s guilty, desperate, near-obsessive one-sided pining on Gabriel’s part), hurt/comfort, codependency (because messy twincest pls), backstory, Biblical references, and all the physical contact (manhandling, gentleness, all of it).

I prefer Gabriel/Michael to not be an established relationship - I like pre-slash/UST, Gabriel guiltily pining after Michael, or them finally happening as a ship for the first time during the fic.


  • I’d love for a fic that touches on their connection through their mindbond - it can take place pre-canon, post-Extermination War, or throughout S1, or S2, any of those times or just anywhere that you think works. Gabriel said that Michael pulled away from their bond, but when? Was it after Michael walked out of that bar, or after Michael found bb!Alex? Can they still feel what each other are thinking or feeling on a low subconscious level the entire time? Do they share dreams? Can they mentally communicate through the bond? Or: after Gabriel and Michael decide to work together at the end of S2, with Gabriel freed of the darkness, do they decide to reconnect the bond? I’d honestly be happy with anything that revolves around their mindbond.

  • I’m also interested in fic with Gabriel and Michael set in their pasts, especially with the inclusion of Biblical allusions/mythology or relevant backstory. For instance, Gabriel giving Michael those twin swords. Or fic about them quietly comforting each other after ‘killing’ Lucifer. Or fic that has a dramatic, mythical edge to it like Neil Gaiman’s Sandman - it doesn’t have to be only Biblical/Judeo-Christian elements, but something that widens the world and can be kind of a ‘all myths are real’ deal: Gabriel and Michael sent onto doing missions for God and encountering all sorts of things.


My general likes for them are: loyalty (especially fierce protectiveness on Noma’s part), banter, angst, all the Noma complexity and character-centric focus/backstory, wing kink (you will have my eternal gratitude for writing a scene where Noma curls her wings around Alex), h/c.

I’m aware that Alex/Noma age difference with Noma having found Alex as a baby can be unsettling. I don’t mind all the allusions to Noma having been Alex’s guardian at a distance for years and years. That’s exactly why ship it - don’t hesitate to mention that aspect of their relationship, although please no underage. Also, contrary to Gabriel/Michael, I love Alex/Noma as an established relationship although I’d totally be happy with fic about them first getting together when they were soldiers. \o/


  • I’m stealing this idea from a conversation I had with vilefangirl recently - it’s for a pre-canon canon divergence AU. Let’s say that while Alex and Noma are in the Corps, Alex suddenly starts growing wings because random Chosen One reasons, etc., etc. He understandably freaks out because there’s a body horror element to it since, y’know, angels are supposed to be the enemy and he has no clue what’s going on. He manages to hide his wings for a while, but Noma eventually finds out. I’d love scenes of Noma initially trying to help Alex handle his wings without revealing her identity as an angel, but he ends up finding out anyway (maybe there’s a dramatic scene where she’s forced to pull her wings out to protect him from bullets or an eight-ball or something). All the bonus points for mutual wing cuddling.

  • I’d be up for exploration about Noma being a tracker angel, like Vaun Wilmott mentioned. Noma was able to find the amphora and bb!Alex, for example. How did her tracker angel abilities factor in during her past as Michael’s lieutenant? Can Noma still sense Alex because of her tracker ability - does she always have the vague knowledge of where he is, since he’s the Chosen One? What does that mean to her - does it unsettle her, does it make her feel determined/confident because this is just something that helps her protect him, or does it mean both? Does this affect her behavior around Alex in the Corps, having finally ‘met’ him officially? And, if we’re on the subject of Noma as Alex’s guardian, when does it stop being only a duty and tips into Noma genuinely caring for him? How much of it still is about redemption for killing Charlie?

  • Fic set pre-S2 while Alex and Noma are captives in Gabriel’s eyrie. They’re being tortured by Gabriel and his angels, but at the end of the day, they try to comfort each other (see above mention of Noma curling her wings around Alex). Maybe Gabriel throws them down in a cell somewhere, post-torture - what do they talk about then? Does Noma tell him about her years of protecting him or serving Michael? Does she attempt to teach him Lishepus as an almost easygoing distraction for both of them? Do they reminisce about their Archangel Corps days, like joking about Ethan’s stealing habit?

  • Five people that Noma betrayed and the one person she didn’t. <--that’s it, that’s the prompt.


My general likes for them are: loyalty, angst, pining (specifically Michael pining over Alex/Noma who are in an established relationship and he’s in love with them both), h/c (physical or emotional), wing kink (I’m never going to stop asking for wing cuddling), trust issues, sparring.

I don’t like Michael/Alex/Noma as an established relationship - I’m mostly about Michael/Alex/Noma as a pre-OT3 or finally happening for the first time within the fic. I’m fine with the Alex/Noma part of the OT3 being established, because they’re canonically a couple, so.

Bonus points for Michael trying to act stoic and serious business, but he really does care about Alex and Noma.


  • Michael pining after Alex and Noma in Vega, pre-S1. While Alex/Noma happens and Michael realizes he has a thing for both of them.

  • In S2, Michael, Alex, and Noma were all heading back to Vega together after New Delphi (Michael meeting up and saving Alex and Noma at that eight ball supermarket). How about missing scenes of them camping out and/or journeying during the long way back? Maybe more h/c over Noma’s missing wings, like another Michael & Alex & Noma bandaging scene or Michael putting a feather over the wound to at least heal the surface on her skin? How about Michael and Noma telling Alex random stories of their past - long ago battles they fought, maybe Bible-related - as a sort of campfire tale? Or how about huddling for warmth at night, Michael wrapping his wings around Alex and Noma? Basically, anything during this time gap.

  • Sex pollen in a fuck or die scenario. Here’s a single exception to my ‘don’t make the fic entirely PWP’ DNW. I don’t know how it happens, I don’t know why (Julian wants to mess with them?), but Alex, Michael, and Noma get locked up somewhere and are dosed with some sex-pollen-plot-device. I would totally be interested in Michael trying to be nobly restrained but eventually having to give in.

Thank you so much!


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