Oct. 15th, 2015

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Dear Yuletide Author,

Hi there! Thanks for writing for me. This is my first Yuletide and I’m looking forward to it a lot.

First off, my overall DNWs are: underage, pregnancy, A/B/O, AUs (canon AUs are fine, but not completely genre-changing AUs), first or second POV, body fluids, fics that are completely PWPs, infidelity, crossovers (unless requested otherwise), genderswap, non-canonical major character death, and issuefic that’s unrelated to the canon in question (for example, mentions of dystopian social class issues is completely relevant for Continuum fic; same deal for angelic hierarchy issues in Dominion).


I usually lean toward fic that is pre-relationship, gen, or the ship happens for the first time during the fic as opposed to being an established relationship (although Alex/Noma from Dominion is a notable exception - if you're writing them, I do, in fact, like them as an established relationship).

Disclaimer: I apologize that my Dominion section is so long. I requested ‘any’ for characters in that fandom, and there’s nine characters in the Dominion tagset. If you matched with me on Legion or Continuum, I promise that the length of the Dominion section doesn’t mean I want to be written fic for that more, just that there’s nine characters to cover when it comes to prompts. Thank you - sorry about that! /o\

→ Continuum

Characters: Kiera Cameron, Jasmine Garza

Brief canon overview: Continuum is a Canadian sci-fi show that ended at its fourth season. Kiera Cameron is a police officer from the year 2077, a dystopian future where everything is controlled by corporations. While she’s guarding an execution, the members of the terrorist group Liber8 suddenly disappear. Kiera gets swept along with them and finds herself in the present, the year 2012. She has to deal with Liber8 and other forces that affect both the present and future.

Canon: Available on Netflix | Amazon | iTunes | Stream

Continuum... )

→ Dominion
Characters: Any

Brief canon overview: Dominion is a SyFy supernatural/action series that recently was cancelled after its second season. It is a very rough sequel of the 2010 movie Legion, which the show diverges from. Dominion is set after an apocalyptic war between humans and angels, which erupts after God disappears. The archangel Michael has sided with humans, while his brother Gabriel wants to destroy humans in the vain hope that God would return once the earth is ‘cleansed.’ Meanwhile, there’s the Chosen One Alex Lannon, who is prophesied to either be a healer or destroyer in this post-apocalyptic world.

Canon: Amazon | iTunes | Stream

Other canon materials: Citizen’s Handbook to Vega | Dominion: Revelations

Dominion... )

→ Legion

Characters: Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Michael, Jeep Hanson, Charlie

Brief canon overview: Legion is a 2010 apocalyptic/action supernatural thriller film. Charlie is a pregnant waitress working at a diner in the desert, but her life is interrupted by the apocalypse. God wants her unborn baby - a supposed ‘savior’ of mankind - dead, and God sends angels to attack the diner. Everyone in the diner fights a violent siege against the angels, and one of God’s archangels Michael chooses to defy God to protect Charlie and her child.

Canon: Available on Netflix UK | Amazon | iTunes | Stream

Legion... )

Thank you so much, Yuletide author! Good luck writing!


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