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Finally posting a proper reaction/recap post now! That's good for you guys, because I've got myself together enough to not let this be completely capslocking GABRIEL AND MICHAEL MY ANGEL BROTHERS IN LOVE in its entirety. (Okay, there is still some of that but it's not 100%.)

I tried to talk about some Biblical references, but disclaimer here that I am not an expert and the connections I draw are likely very shaky.

Previous reaction posts 2x1 | 2x2 | 2x2 Extended

So, 3x3, the Narrow Gate. Besides being the usual Biblical reference, that's totally a wink at the introduction of Gates, another one of our new S2 characters (and possibly Claire's new military bf, because this girl has a type).

The episode opens with Julian explaining to Alex about the asylum in ND: "Human body wasn't built for occupation. Some angels can't bear its limits. They go mad." Okay, this is interesting - is this part of the difference between the eight balls we've seen like Clementine versus the more zombie-ish ones?

Also, I can see how this plays into some theories I've mentioned/seen discussed before. Eight balls hate humans and are jealous of them - they can take their bodies, but still, there's a probability they don't properly 'fit.' Even with human bodies on, they don't really have a place in the world, because it's the humans' world. Arika was talking about how eight balls like Rose show an attachment to their past lives, coveting, wanting to 'fit.' But they can't quite 'fit,' which explains why so many joined up with Gabriel, who was promising them a paradise of their own.

Julian: "The Chosen One is destined to be a great general, isn't he?" This is taking an outright military-related stance on the prophecy - which probably says a lot  about Julian, tbh. The prophecy is really hella vague and talks about Alex either being a leader by saving humans/bringing about peace or being a great destroyer. (The second part of that prophecy doesn't seem to be well-known, though - my theory is that it's something that Raphael chose to keep to herself; it genuinely surprised Michael when he heard it.)

Also, I don't know if it's just me, but the word 'general' again. Like the film that Julian just showed Alex, which was the name of the train. There's General Riesen in this episode himself, and idk, maybe a coincidence?

Julian: "I'm looking for a powerful weapon, and you walk into my city claiming to be one." I like the wording of this - Alex is a 'weapon' like Michael is made to be a 'sword.'

Alex: "The survivors of the human race are gonna need to stick together if we're gonna kill Gabriel." This is utterly ironic considering a) how much of ND consists of eight balls, and b) the identity reveal of Julian at the end. And even with a common enemy, the rebellion among the V-1s won't be something to quell easily. An alliance between the two cities, an alliance between the people of Vega's not entirely straightforward.

The scene's now on Claire, who finds that Zoe has escaped, liberated by fellow V-1 rebels. We also get a last name for her - Zoe Holloway.

Back to Mallory, with Laurel digging her own grave. "We had to do it," Laurel says to Michael about Harper's murder. She uses 'we' - she didn't tell Wes to shoot Harper; you could tell that she was shocked back in 2x2, and would have preferred to having Harper out of Mallory again. Exiled, but still alive. But she's taken on the responsibility for the crime on herself, too - Wes passed the secret to her through confession, she took it, and she wants to justify that there's meaning in her friend's death. Just like how she's justifying her own sacrifice to keep the fire burning, too.

Also, hey, burial method note! Vega burns their bodies, Helena gives them a burial at sea, and Mallory puts them in the ground. I wonder what ND does.

Michael: "After tonight, you'll be gone. You need their secrets before then because it's not a celebration. It's a sacrifice." So yeah, we were right!

Inside the ND asylum, Alex is walking through the darkness while eight balls growl at him. He encounters eight balls with their eyes all bloody and clawed at. AGHHH EYE HORROR

Scene over to Gabriel: "When Vega sees their queen has fallen, they'll lose hope, make it so much easier to wipe clean this filthy slate." So, that deleted S1 scene where Becca said that Claire gave the people of Vega hope. Oh, Claire, even Gabriel can see it, but, well, her morality is spiralling out of control now (and it's fascinating!).

Gabriel sends higher angel Briathos out to assassinate Claire. Hello, there, at least third assassination attempt on Claire's life; she just can't catch a break.

Gabriel asks for "the head of Claire Riesen." This show and its head trauma once again. Putting this comment alongside the one about Gabriel wanting Alex's skin now has me envisioning Gabriel having a random grisly collection of human body parts up in his aerie.

Let's briefly talk about beheading in the Bible, btw, which is the history that Gabriel comes from: David was said to have beheaded Goliath; John the Baptist was beheaded by King Herod (which was put on a platter); Judith beheaded Holofernes (okay, technically deuterocanonical); Sheba, a Benjamite, was beheaded for attempting to incite a rebellion against King David. This last one is interesting and while I doubt it's a direct parallel, I think it's pretty neat when it comes into context with Vega and its issues with the V-1s on the brink of rebellion. And the fact that there is /David/ Whele in canon, whose ruthlessness the lower Vs certainly do oppose.

But who would be the hypothetical Sheba in this metaphor? Or is Claire actually King David in this case?

"You want to attack two cities [Vega and New Delphi] at once? The last time we did that, Michael was at our side," says attractive higher angel underling Janeck to Gabriel. "We don't need him," Gabriel says. "I've learned a great deal since then. And when I'm done, Father will see who's always been his most loyal son."

Flashback time. Gabriel's standing angstily out in the desert. In a nearby tent, the camera lingers briefly on some ominous looking urns. Michael is looking over a map. He plans to attack a temple, which Gabriel objects to: "It's a sanctuary. Spare it."

So. Remember when Michael walked into that church in Mallory, and said that he hasn't seen one of those in a while? Because yes, humans have on the whole have rejected God, but--Gabriel's eight ball army must have played a part in the destruction of churches, as well, during the war. Just another human building among many.

Gabriel: "Brother, your blood is too hot." Michael: "And yours is too cool." This hot/cold contrast again--except, instead of Gabriel as the 'hot', emotional one, it's now Michael. And vice versa.

/my thoughts about them as fire/water opposites can be found in a paragraph over here.

Gabriel points at the ominous urns: "We should use the Amphorae. These vessels contain darkness to drive them to madness, brimstone to blind and burn, and blood to drown the survivors. The elements of God's wrath are swift, clean, honorable." Is the Amphorae's powers implied to be what was inflicted on Egypt re: the plagues? Because one of the plagues was darkness over Egypt for three days; water turned into blood; and while I can't find an explicit reference to brimstone for the Egyptian plagues, it's very directly referenced in the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah, which are, of course, the two cities that Gabriel and Michael have been sent to destroy.

Genesis 19:24--"Then the Lord rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven."

Side note: Amphorae are actually traditionally used to hold wine.

Michael objects to Gabriel's methods: "Honor is to look one's enemy in the eye. But you wouldn't know that. You've never killed a human with your bare hands. [...] You don't know the beauty of it. In winter, when blood spills on snow, it steams." He's still ruthless; God's Sword and Flood; also, look, hot/cold mention again.

Back to Mallory. Laurel explains to Michael about a leader who refused to sacrifice himself, but who eventually did due to the eight balls coming in and the fire going out. So there are occasional breaches of the town's rules; it's not just Harper.

Michael calls Mallory's shadowy leader a ‘false prophet.' Nope, that's (likely) Raphael, with her gift of prophecy from God.

Michael snarls to Laurel that he can't hear God's voice. "And if I were Father, I promise He would have something to say to me! I'm one of his children too." Because he's archangel Michael and he wants to know why his father left, why everything went to hell. :(

Back to the flashback: Michael recruits the higher angel Lyrae to join him in destroying S&G. (Lyrae about killing humans: "Why else would Father have made them mortal?" Flood!Michael in 1x7: "And what's more natural than death?")

Lyrae' is Latin for 'lyre' as in the musical instrument.

'Lyrae' is also a name used for a constellation of stars. It's usually seen on star maps shaped as a vulture or an eagle carrying lyre in its beak or wings. It's associated with the death of Orpheus--Zeus retrieved Orpheus' lyre from a river and hung both it and Orpheus up in the sky--and also, biblically, with King David's lyre.

Orpheus was, incidentally, decapitated, and his head was floating in the river with his lyre. Look at all this Greek myth knowledge I've retained thanks to Gaiman's Sandman, y'all.

But, look, get this: the principal star of Lyrae is called Vega.

Lyrae agrees with Michael, while tossing a handaxe(?). He cites God's orders to cast S & G's sinners "out into the darkness. I want them to suffer the limits of their bodies." Who was talking about the limitations of human bodies this episode again? Oh, right--Julian: "Human body wasn't built for occupation. Some angels can't bear its limits."

So Michael and Lyrae are off to exact God's wrath. Let's also take a moment to thank TPTB for sidestepping the 'so yes this is the Old Testament' reminder that is Lot/his daughters incest that is a central part of the Sodom and Gomorrah passage. And that other unpleasant business that I was gonna mention here but decided not, because yeesh.

Meanwhile, Alex is searching the asylum. He scrabbles with an eight ball who hisses about the dark being lovely and shrieks at him to turn off the light (I can't get over these constant, little references to light and fire and their opposites; it's cool). More eight balls are emerging from the corner, and suddenly, someone calls 'Over here!' and Alex tears after him.

The guy leads Alex into a room, quickly locking the door to keep out the eight balls. And there, Alex finds himself face to face with General Riesen, last seen fleeing Vega because of 1) clashing with Claire for keeping her mother a secret from her, and 2) wanting to go because of his heart condition.

Scene switch back to Vega. First appearance of Gates, who's busy at work making something with tools, and Claire walks in. She picks up a baseball from a pile of baseballs in the background - it's stashed with sports equipment - and offers alcohol in exchange for a favor.

Gates remarks: "Last time the General brought you here I don't think you were even old enough to have a drink." ah yes, this dystopian-like version of pseudo-Rome has drinking laws why am i finding this so funny

Also, I'm...kinda here for the age difference implied here. Anyway, Claire asks Gates to find Zoe. Gates refuses; he's an engineer who helps with the city's power and builds bombs (appears to be his bomb that destroyed Gabe's aerie). Gates helped build the city and is familiar with it.

Those baseballs in the background are explained---Gates is a fanboy, and likens Michael to Babe Ruth, with his absence being the Curse of the Bambino.

Gates does cave in, however, and says that he'll take a look for Claire. Claire puts the baseball she was messing with in Gates' hand--and he looks...intrigued by her? I SHIP IT ALREADY.

Back to the ND asylum: Apparently Riesen has taken to calling himself Sam. The human guy who'd led Alex into that room is named Eli. Riesen insists that he's still the leader of Vega (which--I thought he left it to Claire, which is why he took off--but looks like he has second thoughts?).

Alex drops the 'yeah. yeah, Claire's pregnant' bombshell, leaving Riesen sputtering, "You just left her on her own?" And it's like, ohhh dude. Dude. You left your kid, too. Welcome to Daddy Issues: the Show. Which Alex points out: "I didn't just run away like you and Michael did," projecting his own abandonment by Michael and of course, there's his own issues with Jeep that he doesn't mention.

Riesen tells Alex that an eight ball does have the key, and Alex wants to be immediately taken to him since it's their way out.

Back to Janeck and Gabriel - oh hey, look at Gabriel putting a hand on Janeck's shoulder. 8) Gabriel is very shippable with his minions/followers - see: Furiad, William, Nero for two seconds - and MAKE THIS SHIP HAPPEN, FANDOM. Anyway, Gabriel has a perfect plan of attack in mind on ND. Does he still have some of the Amphorae plague things with him?

Now back to flashback!Gabriel in the tent. S&G are being destroyed, and he looks angry at the needless violence and suffering that's obviously raging outside. A human stumbles in - subtitles name him Arif - and begs Gabriel to help, telling him that the angels are attacking ("they'll slaughter us all"). Gabriel rushes to get Arif out of the tent, and Arif, bless that poor guy, worries over Gabriel and tells him to run. But then Arif sees the war plans in the tent and pulls a dagger out on Gabriel.

Gabriel deftly dodges Arif; he doesn't want to hurt him and tells him to run, calling him 'friend.' Arik shoots back: "You're not my friend!" and launches himself at Gabriel, and Gabriel ends up skewering him through with his sword.

Gabriel stands there, looking at his sword in horror, and then drops it, his hands trembling and bloody. Michael talked about blood on snow--and look, there's blood on somebody Michael called 'too cold.' And blood on snow is very much a tainting of purity type of image--this is basically, essentially, a loss of 'purity.'

Scene change over to Mallory--looks like a stable? Laurel is contemplating her sacrificial dagger. Michael approaches her, tells her that he's going to be leaving Mallory that night and he won't be able to watch her die. "I can't save you, but there is someone I can. Alex, the boy who's like a son. He needs me. Some promises can't be broken."

He takes Laurel's hand - I really like that little size difference there, ngl - and tells her goodbye. She says: "When you came here, you were lost."

OHHHHH MAN does anybody remember Jeep in Legion and being lost? And 1x2 harking back to that with Claire calling Alex lost? Everybody has a point where they're lost, something constant through fathers and sons who aren't necessarily blood-related.

Laurel says to Michael that she hopes he can find something he can believe in. And he says he has: "Now I know Father's still out there. I have faith, because He meant for me to come here to find what I'd lost, to find you. The world ended, but all that was good and beautiful didn't die with it."

He says that while he's looking at Laurel, but Laurel, of course--she knows that she's going to die and she is afraid. And they kiss. (I don't necessarily OTP Michael/Laurel? But woww, though, I was right about the size difference with his hands on her face. /o\)

Now--Vega. Gates has found Zoe - which he tells Claire through bites of strawberries from a plate of hers, lmao. I love this casualness they have with each other's stuff. Claire toyed with that baseball of his, he's pilfering food.

Gates monitors the power in Vega, and noticed an abandoned warehouse is using up a lot recently. He usually lets V-1s get away with power usage--"Huh, you do that?" Claire asks, and has a small smile on her face, not minding at all. These two are so unexpectedly cute; I did not expect this. :D

Scene change to flashback times. "Gabriel, I need you," flashback!Michael says.

(And just. "We don't need him," Gabriel said to Janeck while planning to defeat two cities. These are brothers who need each other, though. Gabriel needed Michael back then, when he killed the first time they held onto each other. He needed him to be fine, he needed him to be alive, when he felt him die, later on--okay, wait, sorry, getting ahead of myself.)

Michael is furious at Lyrae, who is apparently even too cruel for Michael to stomach. "Father asked for their death, not their torture!" It's an ironic echo of Gabriel, earlier, before Michael and Lyrae left to destroy S & G.

Then Michael sees Gabriel with his hands bloodied, and Gabriel looks desperately back at him.

Mallory--Laurel is about to sacrifice herself. This is a very, very literal 'died for other people's sins so they could live' Christ metaphor. Michael stops her, just in time.

Back to present time Gabriel, who gazes at stars in the night sky, precious disney prince. /o\ /o\

Flashback time--"Gabriel, what have you done?" Michael whispers. And then he kicks Lyrae down, still enraged by Lyrae's 'cruelty'. "Is such joy for archangels alone?" Lyrae says, because seriously, Michael is no saint. "For I gleaned it all from you, Michael. Your brutality was a glorious inspiration. You are my muse, Michael."

When it comes down to it, tbh, Michael is likely taking it out on Lyrae because it's unsettling to see someone who's like a reflection of himself in action. And maybe he feels like this outright brutal atmosphere that Lyrae took instigated--this atmosphere that drove his brother to kill for the first time--is Lyrae's fault, that Lyrae played a part in just...'ruining' his brother.


Note that Lyrae's word choice of 'muse', is interesting, because it's another connection to Greek myth. Orpheus is the son of the Muse of epic poetry, Calliope.

Michael holds his sword over Lyrae (one of the swords that Gabriel gave him!), and recites over him: "I cast you down to the lowest sphere of Heaven." Lyrae pleads for Gabriel to stop Michael. But Gabriel turns away and doesn't intervene.

"You will no longer hold the exalted rank of higher angel, thereby your body shall be taken from you. I banish your spirit to the cold ether of the outer sphere. [...] To the darkness, far from the warmth of Father's light." Michael brings his sword down, and yellow mist comes out of Lyrae's body, a skull diving upward.

And thus, so many questions are raised to where Lyrae actually went and how he got out and how he got his body again.

Mallory--Michael explains to Laurel that the sacrifice won't work, because she didn't take his sins. And so he confesses: "I have killed--no, I have slaughtered." ("They'll slaughter us all," Arif said to Gabriel.)

Michael: "Cities so scorched, no life may ever grow again. My fury destroyed the innocent and the guilty and those I loved. I was the one who passed judgment, but it's I who must be judged." (Lyrae calls Michael 'judge and executioner' before Michael demotes him.)

Michael volunteers to take Mallory's secrets and die in Laurel's place. Laurel and Wes doubt that it will work--but then the fire outside blazes, in agreement with him. Reminiscent of Moses' burning bush, which was referenced back in Chapter 1 of D:R.

So. Anyone familiar with the Biblical passage about Abraham attempting to sacrifice his son Isaac? God tested to see if Abraham would go so far as to put his son on the altar, ready with fire and a knife. But before Abraham could actually kill his son, an angel called to him to stop him. In place of Isaac, Abraham sacrificed a ram that was caught in the nearby thicket.

New Delphi asylum--Riesen explains to Alex that the eye horror is because "[the eight balls] are jealous of us." /points to my tl;dr earlier about eight balls coveting what humans have. Riesen tells Alex about his heart condition, which he kept such a tightly held secret back in Vega, but at this point, it doesn't really matter any more.

Riesen says two interesting things in this conversation, imo. Firstly, he says that the asylum used to be a bunker. Secondly, he seems unaware of Julian's whole 'eight balls and humans live in peace in New Delphi!' shtick. Does this suggest that ND was previously under different leadership and then Julian somehow ended up taking over and changing things...?

Anyways, Alex and Riesen find the eight ball with the key around his neck. He eats the key, and when, Alex manages to take him down, he ends up having to dig into the eight ball’s insides to search for it. D: Another eight ball emerges to attack them. Alex evicts the eight ball, leaving Riesen staring in surprise. So Pete wasn't an entirely unique case after all, then!

(Also, jfc, I loved how this fight scene played with light, like last episode did with Alex and the projector! It looks so good, you guys.)

Vega--Claire's in the control room again, with Gates there as well.  "I want Zoe Holloway taken alive, but if she resists, shoot to kill."

The monitor broadcasts the warehouse--soldiers storming in, and they end up firing at the V-1 rebels. Zoe rushes past, a soldier fires at her, misses, and she gets away, leaving a frustrated Claire. I find it completely fascinating that she's...fixated to Zoe to this degree, tbh. She doesn't object to those other V-1s getting shot, but when it comes to Zoe, she doesn't necessarily want her dead and it seems like she's just solely focused on her. Does Zoe remind her of Alex? Does she want to prove to Zoe that she can change Vega for the better, and keep her in a cell to herself?

Mallory--Laurel transfers Mallory's sins over to Michael, which actually takes the physical form of gold mist in the air. Laurel: "It should be me." Michael: "Your grace is a light that shines in the darkness. It's what's going to lead Father home." (Because God is 'lost,' too. Fathers and sons.)

The fire goes out. Eight balls climb over Mallory's walls. And Michael steadies the dagger over himself--and somewhere outside of New Delphi, Gabriel looks up--and Michael plunges it into his heart. Gabriel gasps, clutching his own chest. Because their bond may not be strong, may be broken, but IT'S THERE. The fire relights, driving the eight balls out, and Gabriel's left saying Michael's name with his hand still splayed over his chest and he looks like he's about to cry and this is the point where my original notes literally devolved into:


-gabriel's face

-he lost him again.

-oh my god gabriel"

/obviously taking Legion into account but idek if that's considered canon any more

Flashback--"Father's will be done," Michael says, and he hands Gabriel his sword. "Lyrae spoke the truth. I am Father's sword. I, too, must be punished." It's a suicide request, out of guilt. Gabriel refuses: "Never. I'll sooner take my own life," and reaches to embrace his brother. Michael: "Forgive me. I shamed you for your mercy, for the light inside you, a light I covet. Mine has long since gone dim. I fear it will not kindle."

Gabriel: "It can, and it will." He brings his bloody hand to Michael's face, a slow, soft motion that lingers on his brother's cheek. Michael: "No more, brother. I'm done."

No. He isn't. D:R Chapter 1 mentions Michael in the Battle of Jericho, which, Biblical chronology-wise, takes long after the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah.

Gabriel is gazing at his bloody hand again. "Perhaps we are never truly done." And he's right. Not just for Michael, but for himself. Reminds me of that one thing Lucifer in Sandman said: "Innocence, once lost, can never be regained."

Mallory---Michael's body is carried from a coffin into that grave that Laurel had been digging. Laurel thanks him like Michael thanked her, before he died in her arms.

Vega--Claire confronts a soldier--Sergeant Mills--and blames him for missing shooting Zoe and not capturing her. (SOMEBODY PLS TRY TO TELL ME THAT CLAIRE'S NOT OBSESSED WITH ZOE jfc)

However, the plot thickens. Claire accuses Mills of doing it on purpose, and when challenged: "Oh yeah? What the hell do you know about guns?" she calls him a traitor and shoots him in the leg. And all this while Gates looks on and doesn't intervene.

So, this brings to mind the time David Whele had that spy under Claire strangled right in front of a whole bunch of people who were on his side. Also, idk, her morality shifting to actually directly shooting someone feels kinda sudden, especially when a lot of her previous shady actions earlier seemed to be a form of self defense/good intentions behind it (see: blackmailing David before he could make a big move against her; see: her telling David to take care of William because he was working for Gabriel). But then, it could just be her escalating, especially because she's been overwhelmed lately with a) Claire thinking she caused Alex's death, b) that attempted assassination by Zoe and the ensuing V-1 rebellion trouble that she has to deal with, and c) the fact that she successfully got rid of David and it serves as a type of moral event horizon.


New Delphi--Alex and Riesen make it to the asylum door, but end up having to leave behind... that evicted eight ball? or is that Eli? idek, I still remain terrible with faces. Anyway, Noma and Pete are waiting at the door and they let Alex and Riesen out.

Noma: "Alex, you son of a bitch, I never thought you were coming out of here." Alex: "Thanks, Noma." They hug, and Noma grabs and kisses him (SHE ALWAYS GRABS HIS CHEEKS IT'S ADORABLE), and these two are seriously the best and I am honestly rooting for these kids to be endgame.

(but i s2g, there better be more interesting things for Noma to do soon! There's so much potential for her and she really hasn't got a proper storyline besides 'ok she fights here, banters with Alex here, happens to be a higher angel under Michael.' GIVE ME BACKSTORY, CANON. Give her scenes like the ones that were cut out of the S1 finale!)

Riesen is like ".............." in the background, whoops. Awkward, especially after finding out that Claire is pregnant. Alex/Claire were all touchy feely OTP 4lyfe material back in S1 that he saw, but. Things change. /o\

Vega--Claire tells Gates that she used to pray and have faith in saviorism, but not any more. I can understand where this is coming from-- especially with the 'surprise! your boyfriend is the chosen one' thing, the Michael fiasco, and her life being generally chaos right now--but aww, I liked Claire being religious. It felt like a big part of her, with her preaching and helping people partly in the name of Saviorism.

Gates: "You know what? I did not recognize you before." Claire: "Hmm, I didn't recognize myself." It must be the new hair. It is an active organism that responds to her character development.

They talk about the Curse of the Bambino metaphor again. I still think this is the most randomest thing to be referenced in this post-apocalyptic angel show. Like Daisy said, some writer there must be a Red Sox fan. Or maybe they just watched Moneyball or something lately, lmao.

"Well, I'd bet on you," Gates says, and Claire bites back a smile, which Gates notices and it's the cutest, you guys.

Anyway, Gates says that the V-1 rebels had these mysterious crates. Which...might be a weapon or something? Maybe nuclear weapons because Vega uses nuclear power? /wild guesses

New Delphi--Alex presents the key back to Julian.

And. And oh my god, I did not catch this bit of dialogue the first time I watched this. Julian: "No one's made it out of [the asylum] alive. Orpheus only escaped the underworld because he had a magic lyre."



LYRE --> LYRAE also see all my constellation rambling above

Julian asks Alex how he did it, and Alex acknowledges he's a powerful weapon. There is nothing more that says 'powerful weapon' than shoving your fist inside an angel's guts to look for the key he swallowed. our hero.jpg

Julian sees Riesen and orders him back to the asylum, but Alex puts a stop to that, dropping
the identity reveal, and the alliance between New Delphi and Vega has now seemed to have been forged...

Mallory--Dark wings bursts out of the grave. Michael's alive. The wound on his chest rapidly heals. (Okay, how? Is it because the dagger wasn't Empyrean steel? Is it because of some preternatural influence actually healing him, God, Raphael, somebody behind Mallory?)

Michael's first order of things to do is to show up at Wes' window and threaten him, still angered at Harper's death. He takes off in flight, letting Wes see his wings.

New Delphi--Julian has one of the Amphorae with him. He puts the 'key' that Alex had fetched for him on top of it with shaking fingers. He takes out an axe, and his eyes darken, and Julian == Lyrae.

Is Julian an eight ball? Is he a fallen angel? Nevertheless, something’s going on with New Delphi, and it looks like we’ll see what in the next episode.

Quick notes to dash off:

  • Light metaphors were used for both Gabriel and Laurel. THEY ARE THE LIGHTS IN MICHAEL’S DARK LIFE. The shipper inside me is ridiculously gleeful.
  • I feel like Michael handing over his sword to Gabriel has potential. Potential meaning ‘where’s the dominion kink meme again--I hope it’s not dead D: --but pls I need to prompt fic of guilty!Michael begging Gabriel to hurt him’
  • The flashback scenes in this episode seem to be both Michael and Gabriel remembering S&G specifically, I think? Are they both remembering S&G at around the same time because of their mind bond?
  • Flashback-S&G!Michael felt guilty and near suicidal for his actions, and it’s something that we see with present!Michael (who wants redemption, who was willing to sacrifice himself). It makes the S&G flashback scenes really work as a parallel with Michael in Mallory.
  • I WANT MICHAEL/LYRAE SO MUCH. As in, pre-Sodom & Gomorrah!Lyrae pining for Michael and idolizing him. And he's ridiculously jealous of Gabriel, whom he can't believe that Michael cares about because WHY DOESN'T MICHAEL-SEMPAI LOOK AT ME; I LIKE KILLING RUTHLESSLY LIKE YOU; GABRIEL IS SUCH A PATHETIC WIMP IKR. And I would like to headcanon Julian right now as still having A Thing for Michael, even though it's very much mired in bitterness and betrayal. Give me this.
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